1980 Nirenoki Gallery
After that party
1980, acrylic
I painted these rolled pictures in my two small rooms. I spread the canvases on the floors, and I sat on them and scrawled on the canvases and painted this picture. As regards subjects, It contained a contradiction. I was attracted to the Douglas DC3, 50's cadillacs, Tarzan, so to speak, American products or American cultures, but there were also a vague imprint of poverty and confusion after the war.

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1981 Nirenoki Gallery
Great plain
1981, acrylic
This picture starts with the wake up scene in the morning and ends in putting off the TV set at night. And between them there are a sea, a great plain, a desert, mountains and various animals. I composed many images from picture books and magazines by the designer's instrument which is called Trace Scope. In those days I was very fond of riding a motorcycle and traveling all over Japan.

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1982 Nirenoki Gallery
1982, acrylic
I had a night mare. There appeared in succession a vandalism, transformed creatures; a chicken head nurse and a frog head doctor, Judgement Day, mature fruit, an old lady, veterans of war and my father who could not be recruited.

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1984 Nirenoki Gallery
1984, acrylic
I was not concerned about real affairs. It is little worth to reproduce reality on the canvas. I lived in an illusion and fantasy. I accepted the world of the movies and TV and I browsed the gravures of magazines. I am cocooned in a harmless sarounding of media.

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