I love Bali. It has a sea and a sky, which is very easy to paint. And there are beautiful boys and girls, plenty of fruits, tranquil music etc. In English this zone is called doldrum,but I think this area must be cooler than Japanese summer.There are no storm in equatorial islands. Typhoons or cyclones are spawned north of the Tropic of Cancer.
England Wales 2000.
This is the second time we visited England. Our family was welcomed as the first guests from Japan in many places. éh was so sorry to learn that some of their farms had suffered from foot and mouth disease. In this tour we visitedü@South east England and Wales.Winchelsea, Lyme Regies, St.Ivs, Mouse Hole, Port Issac, Brecon Beacon, Tenby, Port Madoc and Snow donia.
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