I have been visiting the UK ever since 2000, and have an aspiration to gconquerh it, visiting and painting as many places as I can. My ambition is to see it through to the finish, even though this may be unrealistic.

I can manage just about any situation in the UK, if it involves a financial transaction - for example eating, drinking, travelling around, booking accommodation or the theatre and so on. But on a long journey I felt frustrated just spending money, and I want to enjoy everyday life in Britain using my English, irrespective of money exchanging situation.

I had a good time, this summer for me visiting Lichfield and Wells. Both of them are small towns or cities where there is an opportunity to make the acquaintance of local people who are generally simple and kind. Each of those places has an unexpectedly magnificent cathedral considering the small number of inhabitants who live there. It was mind-boggling.

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