Switzerland, Wales, Ireland and England 2002
This summer I revisited Europe with my students, from July 22 to August 15. Of course we enjoyed painting holidays. We stayed one week in a small town Richterswil near Zurich. To my great surprise they donft speak English but German. There is my friend Paul, he was a great help to us. So we could ride on many trains and order Italian food in restaurants. Italian food is popular there. In UK we visited Oxford, Nottingham, Rutland water, Windermere, Betws-y-Coed, Dublin, Bath and London.
I accompanied a high school student who wants to go to art college, and two housewives, who are also my Sunday school students, enjoying paintings and travel after raising their families. One of our main purposes is to attend a local art course in Britain. That is why I revisited theBrush and strokes studio in Snowdonia . I was confident Ann and Chris the organizers of the studio and tutor John Palmer and Aberconwy House's owner Kevin would accept us warmly and friendly. I was quite right. My use of color changed after that course as well as after Bryan Thacher's course in 2000. John said to me "Shuji , we are depressed in Britain, so we use depressing colors ."and one of coursemates told me "If you want to paint in English color ,hide Viridian from your pallet." And I did so.
Our family visited Bali in spring. This was the fifth time in a row. Last spring I asked some painter friends to come with us, and our companions were two other couples. We were too busy to dive and to go to museums, appreciate dances and theaters. I regretted painting only a few pictures at that time. So I tried to paint many pictures this time. Eventually I finished thirty pictures in Snour, Tramben, Lobina beach and Lembongan Irland.
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