To make a long story short: I go to Ireland and the UK to meet friends. There was once a little block of flats next door to my place in Yokohama, Japan. There lived four young Irish. I made friends with them and the young Irish lass introduced me to a young English chap who gave me an art magazine. In it, I found an advertisement for a painting holiday: The Brush and Strokes Studio, which I first visited in 2000. When I revisited the studio with my Japanese friends in 2002, the founder and owner of the studio, Ann, told me: "You must visit us every other year!" I was happy to oblige by visiting Wales again this summer. There are friends in the world. They show me another aspect of the world and introduce me to new friends.
In this summer I stayed UK 20days. In the first half 10days, I traveled
with two painter friends. We visited Cotswold and enrolled ourselves on David Easton's course at Brush and Strokes Studio in Snowdonia Wales. In the second half 10days I saw them flying back to Japan at Heathrow and I flew to Edinburgh by myself. There I attended summer course at Edinburgh College of Art. I could refresh myself to be a student again. Oh yes we enjoyed musical Lion King in London, and tried to understand Macbeth at Royal Shakespeare Theater.
We went to Nagano again in May for a third successive year with 14 others. We were lucky enough to enjoy painting in good weather, four days in a row.
I need to take a sabbatical to paint pictures. It is the best way to overcome overwhelming boredom. We came back to Bali in the spring holidays for my 7th time in a row. This time we didn't move around so much. We stayed at Shindo Beach Hotel in Sanur, Coconuts Resort in Lembongan Island and Tamukami in Sanur again.All those accommodation is reasonable and comfortable.
2003year end and 2004 New Year days were special for me because I found a joy of oil painting on the spot. I could join in oil colour lovers.
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