There are three secrets to enjoining a trip.
The first phase, before the trip:
Plan the journey freely. Imagine the people you will encounter.
The second phase, on the trip:
Blend in with locals. Try everything you are interested in-art, food,
transportation, and the scenery, etc.
The third phase, after the trip:
Look back over the trip and enjoy the recollections. Make up the notes
into a record or photos into an album.

Even though you experienced an unpleasant accident on your holiday, it
is fun to tell your friends about the anecdotes you brought back from
your trip.
Get out of your regular, daily routine and start to travel.

The receding sea on the black beach sand reflected the sky. What was more inspiring to me was the bright coloured boats which were reflected on the glittering sea.It impels me to paint again and again and again.
I lost many artist friends last and this year, have been overcome by deep emotion that we are completely designed to be mortal.
Wait a bit!
Let me seek the Promised Land on Earth for a while with brushes and paints.
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