I arrived in Bali on the morning plane the previous day and lost no time in installing 84 watercolour paintings on the walls of the Tamukami Hotel for my exhibition. I spent the entire arrival day hanging the pictures. The first thing I had to do the next morning was to price the pictures. It was hard to value them in a foreign currency which reflected local buying power. Eventually I set the price around one third of my pictures in Japan. I painted this picture on the second afternoon. It was my first picture in Bali in August, 2012.

When I was staying in Maidenhead I was woken by the phone call from Japan in the midnight of the 9th July and knew that my mother had broken her thighbone and was going to have an operation. I had a ticket on 25th July, but I could change the flight and returned to Japan urgently. I could make the operation on 10th and see my 90 year old mother before her operation.
It's all over and I am a full-time artist from today, in Bali. Swastha was waiting for me at the international airport in Denpasar Bali. We walked to the beach and had dinner at the Italian restaurant "Stiff Chili". I was very busy this past a month or two. I explained to him about the Japanese proverb "A bird does not foul the nest it is about to leave."I had painted too many pictures in my 37years career as an art teacher, and most of those pictures were stored in the art class room at school. I had to move every picture.The next morning I painted the sea, as my first thing to do in the day. Now I am a full-time artist so I can stop and paint wherever and whenever I want to. When I was a teacher I had to go to school every day and to be in charge of classes, even if I found a nice subject to paint.
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