On the plane, Sky News said, "Summer could finally be around the corner", with forecasters predicting that the UK could enjoy warm weather for the rest of July. I had to wait in the usual long line in Immigrant point. The high speed train from St Pancras was almost full, until Frood, the second to last stop before Maidstone West. A nasty young man moved to the opposite seat to mine, took off his shirt and played loud music on his mobile phone without headphones. And he quarreled with two other guys. One was sitting far in front and the other was far behind. It was not long before two officers appeared. He quietened down and said he had just been released from prison today because his father had passed away! I asked St Pancras to protect him! I had supper at the hotel restaurant in Maidstone.
Though I tried to sleep I couldn't sleep a wink during the 12 hour flight from Narita to London Heathrow. Then I tried to stay awake and was standing in the long immigration line, and paid attention to how to get to the strange hotel in the sleet at dusk. I went to bed at last fell asleep at once, but was woken up in a couple of hours by an unpleasant dream. Birds also awoke in the bare trees outside the window, and the first train broke the silence before dawn. I was compelled to give up the futile effort to keep my eyes closed. It was the first night in 2013 Britain, and it was as usual!
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